Let’s create this plant as a team, from start to finish.

In 2016, when I was constructing a produce storehouse at my project, six UK and American students from Edinburgh University physically worked with me (and my team) for 8 weeks, to get this storehouse installed, from start to finish.

Even the money that constructed this storehouse wasn’t handled by a specific person. Rather, we accounted for it together, on a daily basis, with the Edinburgh students.

Let’s do the same even on this plant, with you the Gen Z collective across the world.

Since there is plainly nothing that is happening to stem the cycle of poverty in our region, my only goal is to get this plant installed, and I really believe it’s essential for you guys to be able to physically see what we have managed to accomplish with your support, at every step of the way.

A few pics of the Edinburgh students during their time at my project (the UCF) in 2016: 1234567891011.

Free accommodation, food & a truck for local travel are available at the project site.

A 25ft x 60 ft hall which is primarily a produce storehouse, and which was constructed by students from Edinburgh [as said above], is what will act as our on-site dormitory for those Zoomers who will be physically staying at the UCF during the installation of this plant.

But there are hotels in a town 20km away from the UCF. So, those Zoomers who choose to, can stay there.

Also, the UCF has a dump truck that was donated by someone from Seattle, USA. This truck primarily helps with farmwork, but it is also what our Zoomers will be using, both for carrying supplies at the project site, and for occasional visits to local tourist sites e.g. on weekends.

Free local food (banana, maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, beans etc), which is mostly grown by ourselves at the UCF, will be available. We will also regularly supplement these with other foods (like irish potatoes, rice, eggs etc) that aren’t produced at the UCF.

Here is the hall that shall act as our zoomers’ dormitory; the dump truck, and the project site: 123456789.

Finance management, and project timeline/duration:

We will commence work on this plant once we only raise $240k, and complete it once we have raised $15m in total.

My idea is that, at the implementation stage, we begin by instituting a 50/50 finance team of 8 people, i.e. a finance team comprising 4 people from my team & 4 people from the global Gen Z collective, to oversee on a daily basis how the money we raise is spent, until this plant is complete.

In addition to the finance team, my idea is that we also have a global team of six other Zoomers (who aren’t part of the finance team) to be physically present at our project site, helping with chores like procurement of materials etc, implying, we will be having a global team of at least 10 Zoomers at our project site on any given day.

Project duration: it will take ~2 years to complete the installation of this plant, and ~3 years to become fully functional.

But, to allow each volunteering Zoomer the time to go back and do their own work, my idea is that each of the 10 Zoomers at our project site only stays with us for either 2 weeks; 4 weeks and 8 weeks, or an average of 5 weeks — implying, at least 100 different Gen Zers will physically see our project in the first year alone, or 200 in two years.


Volunteer Scheduling:

Let’s get one Zoomer anywhere in the world to be in charge of volunteer scheduling, i.e., keeping a list of all Zoomers who are interested in physically volunteering at our project site during the installation of this plant, and deciding when each of them will be arriving or leaving.

If you or your team is happy to take up the role of volunteer scheduling, please let me know, and I will post your contact information here, so those interested Zoomers could get in touch with you.

Note: acting as the volunteer scheduler doesn’t necessarily mean that you are personally willing to physically stay at the UCF during the installation of our intended plant. No.

It simply means that you are willing to coordinate the recruitment and deployment of Zoomers at our project site during the installation of this plant, whether you (or your team) will be among those deployed or not.